The Jua Fund Kickstarter Olympics is an annual event providing start-up capital to entrepreneurs to grow their futures. 


The process is simple.

Qualifying businesses will be shortlisted against a set of criteria.

Shortlisted enterprises will  participate in a week-long matchmaking event, the JUA Venture Capital Olympics.

JUA is looking for Africa’s next big business, from concept to mature businesses that need that kickstart into the next level. 

African businesses by African entrepreneurs: One or more aspects of you must be African born and bred, so both the Entrepreneur must be African OR living in Africa AND the business must be Africa based/headquatered

We want to have Impact: We only invest in businesses we will have a significant impact on. It will be necessary to demonstrate a significant impact our partnership will have, for example, growth & expansion, socio-economic, strategy optimization, or any other impact

Global ambitions are welcome: We will happily look at businesses that, whilst born in Africa, have global ambitions

Job creation is great: We are excited by employment. Applications demonstrating significant employment creation whether direct or indirect will be looked upon favourably. Don't forget poverty alleviation whilst you are at it!

This is a commercial deal: Whilst we may make grants/donations in special occasions, this is an investment of debt or equity-based on a negotiated position, and entrepreneurs who understand this are whom we are looking for. We will enter into binding legal agreements as any investor in a business would

Passion, Passion, Passion: We are looking for 'that thing'. We want to enjoy our journey with you and have fun whilst changing the African narrative. we believe passion is key for this to happen! Passion for your business, and passion for the continent

The Kickstarter Olympics will take place over a week from the Monday 1st March 2021 to Friday 5th March 2021 via video conference from the comfort of your office wherever you are on the continent. Here are some important dates

Wed 25th November 2020 - JUA Kickstarter is launched!

Sun 31st January 2021 - Olympics Applications close (at exactly midnight)

Fri 22nd February 2021 - Finalists are announced and sent correspondence

Mon 1st March 2021 - The Kickstarter Olympics week kicks off!

Day 1 - The Concept Pitch and defense

Day 2 - Your Market, Competition, Growth and Opportunity

Day 3 - Your Finances and Risks

Day 4 - The Team

Day 5 - Our deal discussion and negotiation (and hopefully close!)

The JUA Venture Capital Olympics will run over two phases.

applicant submissions

All qualifying applicants will be assessed by a panel of judges. Successful applicants will proceed to the Venture Capital Olympics.

The nature of your business

What sector you operate in

What needs it fulfils

Credentials of each member

Years Active

History & Highlights

Financial statements

Vital Information

The Venture Capital Olympics

Over five days, finalists will participate in question-and answer sessions with our panel of judges. Successful participants will proceed to the next round.

Each day has a different theme:

Concept pitch/defense

• You pitch the concept

• Defend concept questions etc.

Market, competition, growth & Opportunity

• Detail on the problem & solution

• Detail on competitive landscape

• Detail on your expected outlook

• SWOT analysis, porters and 4Ps

Financials & risks

• Detail on your financial projections

• Detail current financial situation

• Detail on your risks

• Basic due diligence questions


• You pitch your team

• Rapid team interview – full team

Deal pitch/negotiation

• You pitch your proposed deal

• You negotiate the deal

• You close the deal

Applications for the 2nd Annual Jua Fund Kickstarter Olympics will open at the end of 2021.