JUA /ˌʒwɑ:/ noun GRAMMAR: SWAHILI ‘the time in the morning when the sun appears, and full daylight arrives’

Kickstarting African entrepreneurship

Providing start-up capital to entrepreneurs to grow their futures


Venture capital is a rare commodity in Africa.

African entrepreneurs have always found it difficult to access the resources they need to launch their business dreams or take their budding companies to the next level.

The world of venture capital and angel investors is generally closed to them, with capital being reserved for larger, successful companies while  thousands of African Entrepreneurs are ready to take on investors to help them make the transition from idea, start-up and small operations to medium-sized to large business or even listed entities.  

The JUA FUND aims to alleviate this challenge by providing access to an initial US  $ 1 000 000  in joint venture, partnership capital.


Over five days, finalists will participate in question-and answer sessions with our panel of judges. Successful participants will proceed to the next round.

Each day has a different theme:

Concept pitch/defense

• You pitch the concept

• Defend concept questions etc.

Market, competition, growth & Opportunity

• Detail on the problem & solution

• Detail on competitive landscape

• Detail on your expected outlook

• SWOT analysis, porters and 4Ps

Financials & risks

• Detail on your financial projections

• Detail current financial situation

• Detail on your risks

• Basic due diligence questions


• You pitch your team

• Rapid team interview – full team

Deal pitch/negotiation

• You pitch your proposed deal

• You negotiate the deal

• You close the deal

An African initiative with a Pan-African focus

The brainchild of African industrialist Adam Molai, the JUA FUND is a  pioneering  intervention designed exclusively by Africans for Africans to provide solutions to the myriad of challenges facing the Continent.

If you believe your business or idea is the next ‘great thing’, you are encouraged to participate in the JUA FUND’s  Venture Capital matchmaking event and get the funding you need to take your business to the next level.

Display your passion for business and your commitment to success, convince the JUA FUND judges of your potential and your company could be on the brink of becoming part of a new approach to sourcing African venture capital that is set to sweep across Africa.

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