JUA /ˌʒwɑ:/ noun GRAMMAR: SWAHILI ‘the time in the morning when the sun appears, and full daylight arrives’

Kickstarting African entrepreneurship

Providing start-up capital to entrepreneurs to grow their futures

Early-Stage, Pan-African, Venture Capital Fund investing capital and community in a new generation of African Entrepreneurs.

The Jua Fund is an early-stage, Pan-African, Venture Capital Fund that invests the first check into exceptional founders at the pre-seed and seed stage. 

We are sector agnostic and back tech and tech-enabled companies with a typical check size of up to $250k.  Our portfolio companies then have a direct line to capital to scale from pre-seed, to Seed, to Series A and beyond. 

Our goal is to develop the continent through empowering a new generation of African entrepreneurs with equity investments, mentorship, and advisory support. We do this by leveraging the Jua Fund Advisory Network, a close-knit community of executives, entrepreneurs, investors, operators, artists, and academics, committed to helping Jua Fund Portfolio companies succeed and scale.

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