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BRYT Knowledge is a multifaceted online educational platform that connects students with subject matter experts using technology. In countries where the BRYT app and web platform is available, students can request a 1-1 personalised lesson with a tutor on any subject matter, within their own set budget, and at a time convenient for them.

EdTech, Zimbabwe

A crowd farming platform that connects farmers to much needed working capital allowing them to scale, meet buyers demand while delivering profitability to themselves and their sponsors.

Agritech, Kenya

Jirgosay manufactures, assembles and designs solar home systems and communication systems for solar; In 2019, it invented a solar-powered computer that it is currently improving for a 2nd version. Jirogasy aims to build the biggest 0G network in Africa.

Renewable Energy, Solar, Madagascar

Powerstove is the world’s first clean cookstove with built-in self-powered IoT System to offer Pay-As-You-Cook financing and track GHG emissions and to ensure users earn carbon credits that stimulate continuous usage.

CleanTech, IoT, Nigeria

Side is a social commerce company that is building a new e-commerce distribution channel that is powered by entrepreneurial community leaders (CLs) who leverage the power of “community” or “group buying” to conveniently provide goods to end customers more cheaply.

Commerce, Kenya

Whispa Health is a mobile application that provides young people with private, even anonymous access to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) information, products, and services. Users can have private chats with a doctor; book appointments with a network of partner hospitals and medical laboratories; and get products such as emergency contraceptives, STI & HIV Test Kits.

Healthtech, Nigeria

Xetova is an interactive platform designed to enhance performance in Africa’s procurement marketplace.The technology has been built to support procurement management processes to be more efficient, inclusive and collaborative with predictable performance outcomes.

Data, Kenya